Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros Reviewed

Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros

Like most other manufacturers, Reebok has worked hard to develop midsoles with the right balance between soft, comfortable shock absorption and quick energy return. Hence the Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros.

Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros
Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros

This model has a TPU-expanded foam material in the midsole called Floatride Energy Foam, which clearly shows that they have hit the mark in the pursuit of this fine-tuned balancing act. The material is also available in the cheaper version called Floatride Energy 3.0 which came out earlier this year.

The most striking difference between these two models is that the Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros has an extra stability test detail in the form of a hard plastic plate in the middle of the heel (the orange stripe you see on the back of the shoe). This plastic wedge goes all the way under the heel and will ensure a more stable movement pattern of the foot.

In terms of weight, both models are fairly similar and the running feeling against the surface is almost identical. The upper part combines a stable, enveloping fit with good ventilation.

In summary, the Reebok Floadride Energy Symmetros delivers both a soft feeling in contact with the surface and a quick response to the ice settlement – in a surprisingly light packaging.

Weight (Men) 275g
Weight (Women) 232g
Drop: 9mm

Rubber sole

Breathable engineered mesh upper for support

Designed for: Running

Soft, breathable feel

3D molded heel counter for a locked-in fit, carbon rubber outsole for targeted traction and durability

Floatride Energy Foam provides lightweight, responsive cushioning


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