Mizuno Wave Rebellion Review

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Review

Mizuno Wave Rebellion
Mizuno Wave Rebellion

This autumn’s big shoe novelty from Japanese Mizuno is an exciting lightweight called Mizuno Wave Rebellion. The shoe has a number of innovative technical solutions.

The midsole consists of a newly developed nylon-based foam material called Enerzy Lite. According to Mizuno, it is 22 percent softer than the manufacturer’s standard material U4ic, but first and foremost, it provides 35 percent better energy return in the step winding.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Review
Mizuno Wave Rebellion Review

To give you further help in kicking off, the shoe has a corrugated fiberglass-reinforced Wave plate encased in the midsole. It has a fork-like design to make the best possible use of the force in the big toe joint, while at the same time guiding the foot in an optimal path of movement.

To save guard and provide better lateral stability, the rear part of the sole platform is cut out under the heel so that the foot can sink more easily into the material. The upper part has an integrated tongue in a socket-like construction, which gives a well-enclosing fit. The outsole’s low-profile pattern provides a secure grip on varied surfaces.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion is an all-around model with a markedly nimble running feeling, which first and foremost comes into its own in faster sessions.

Some details:

Weight: (men) 230g
Weight: (Women) 215g

Drop: 8mm

  • Rubber sole
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE brings the next level of soft cushion and high energy return while also remaining lightweight.
  • G3 offers a superior grip with less weight. Offers maximum speed and traction that also withstands slippery roads.
  • Glass Fiber reinforced nylon MIZUNO WAVE plate: more snappiness and quickness! This material is also eco friendly since the material is plant-derived
  • Stretchy gusseted tongue that holds you on the platform while maintaining softness so it’s not intrusive.
  • Recycled PET shoelaces and mesh lining.

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